in October 2020, I was able to go to Arizona!

My lovely friend was an amazing teacher at a school that is located not too far from the famous Route 66 road.

Throughout my stay, we were able to travel up and down the road and live some of the life the mother road still has.

Within that week, I was able to see Arizona and some of what Nevada had to offer!

It's a new day for new travels, within you and the world, stay golden my friends.

side of the road.

of course, it is a random house from my travels from Arizona.

cacti's on the side of the road,

"you in the desert now baby."

but truly i saw some on the side of the road in Lugoff so yeah.

66.. stop da shid.

Route 66 really had you stopping at each little town you can.

the road is still intact but some of the mother road has not seen human life in years.

for the nonnative..

somewhere on the side of the road,

this is for the aliens, they will be coming back and they WILL need a place to stay...

if aliens come back I don't think this is where they're trying to stay... lmbo yeah no.


went up a mountain to see some more mountains and trees.


within the house..

stayed in flagstaff for the night and woke up to this beautiful scene.

Arizona is warm, golden, and breath taking.

being within another element of life, ugh, it just makes you understand how things can be different but all can live.